Polesh - Knock One Down.
Polesh yard game pole
Polesh yard game pole
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     Introducing Polesh™, the game that's spreading good times across America! Polesh™ is an exciting new game which combines the putting elements of Disc Golf with defensive elements not found in any other yard game. Polesh™ can be played anywhere - from green grass to sandy beaches. Polesh™ is the perfect game to entertain friends, no matter where you are! Camping, tailgate parties, backyard barbeques, beach parties, and other outdoor celebrations are just a few of the many settings in which Polesh™ will provide hours of fun-filled entertainment. Polesh™ is lightweight and portable, so it can be taken anywhere and setup in a matter of minutes!

     Each set of Polesh™ includes two poles, two removable bases, eight extra-long spikes, one flying disc, and a durable canvas carrying case. Polesh™ is made of lightweight, durable plastic to ensure safety and years of enjoyment.

     Thank you for visiting Polesh.com. We hope you enjoy your set of Polesh™ and be sure to share the fun with your friends!

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Warning: We strongly advise against the use of glass bottles when playing Polesh™
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