Polesh - Knock One Down.
Polesh yard game pole
Polesh yard game pole
Why Polesh™?

     Polesh™ began with a simple goal - to create a game that's easy to learn, challenging to master, and most importantly, FUN! Polesh™ is unlike any other game on the market today. Though Polesh™ incorporates elements that are similar to those found in other games like Spanish horseshoes, Polish horseshoes, Polish golf, Frisbeer, Friz'Knock, Beersbee, or French Darts, the custom equipment, portability, and unique gameplay puts Polesh™ in a league of its own.

The Poles

     Other pole games use several different types of poles, such as ski poles, wooden poles, or PVC pipe. This presents several problems:

1. Some poles are hard to plant in the ground
2. The poles leave holes in the yard
3. They donít stand up straight
4. The wind blows the bottle off the pole
5. There is no standard bottom boundary or foul line
6. People use different materials and different pole lengths for the same game
7. They donít fit in the trunk (not portable)

     Polesh™, on the other hand, provides a unique, custom pole that eliminates these problems altogether. Polesh™ poles:

1. Sit on top of the ground
2. Don't leave unsightly holes
3. Use four extra-long spikes each for stability
4. Have a "cup" on the top to hold the bottle in place in windy conditions
5. Clearly and consistently define the bottom boundary
6. Are uniform in height and weight
7. Break down into six easy to manage sections for extreme portability

The Disc

     Other flying disc games use regular Frisbees for gameplay. Frisbees may be fine for some games, but they are not practical for use in games like Polesh™. Standard Frisbees are hard and often painful to catch, difficult to see, and extremely inaccurate.

     Polesh™, however, uses a custom designed, lightweight, and flexible flying disc similar to a Disc Golf disc. The Polesh™ disc is made of flexible rubber that is dense enough for extremely accurate throws (even in windy conditions) and soft enough to catch without hurting your hand. The small 8" diameter of the Polesh™ disc, combined with its unique design, allows the poles to be placed much closer together for play in confined areas - even your garage! The close proximity of the poles also creates a more intimate and enjoyable gaming experience.

The Case

     To top it all off, the Polesh™ poles, Polesh™ disc, removable bases, and eight spikes fit nicely into an 8 inch diameter, 20 inch long canvas carrying case for easy transport and storage.

Don't settle for anything less. Get the real deal. Get Polesh™. Get it now.


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Warning: We strongly advise against the use of glass bottles when playing Polesh™
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